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Quincy, Massachusetts Means Business

Quincy boasts a collaborative and supportive business community.

By Heather Cherry on October 4, 2022

Aerial shot of the Hancock Adams Common in Quincy, MA.
Nicole Loeb

Quincy is a business-friendly city that caters to people from diverse industries. With a prime location, superior quality of life and access to quality education, Quincy is becoming a business destination.

“We are the opposite end of government, but the business community is treated very well in Quincy,” says Tim Cahill, president of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. “The mayor and his administration, along with the City Council — everyone is business-centric. They are welcoming to real estate developers and very supportive of new restaurants and large employers.”

Business is booming in a wide range of industries and bringing ample job opportunities to the area.

“Quincy is becoming a desirable place. As a resident and business owner here, I feel positive about the direction of the city,” says Sara Little, founder of Littlefield Salon.

Woman stands outside of a booth promoting Study Buddies in Quincy, MA.
Study Buddies

Businesses Helping Businesses

The business community is supportive in Quincy. For example, the Quincy Chamber of Commerce offers opportunities for local professionals to network and grow. And QUBIC Labs is a local business incubator for tech and blockchain startups.

“The business community is always open to conversations, meetings and supporting me by visiting my business,” says Little. “The Chamber is a great resource center for starting businesses. When I was first getting started, I used their programming as a resource, which helped me get the equivalent of a four-year college degree in a condensed program.”

Not only is the Chamber of Commerce supportive of business, but fellow business owners support each other, too.

“There’s a bunch of different ways that local businesses have helped me in my business,” says Greta Thurston, founder of Study Buddies, a tutoring and academic mentoring service. “They’ve taken business cards and referred their friends, offered discounts and partnered with me for advertising. Others have been a great resource for networking, asking questions and being a platform to share my business.”

A team of men meet at QUBIC Labs in Quincy, MA.
Nicole Loeb

Easy Access

The Quincy business climate is positive for businesses and their employees. It’s easy to commute from home to your office, too. Thanks to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus, subway and rail service, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, bike paths and easy interstate access. In addition, four public transportation train stops on the MBTA Red Line — Quincy Adams, Quincy Center, Wollaston and North Quincy — link the city to Boston and areas north, south and west.

Higher education is also at your doorstep. Whether you are getting your degree for the first time or returning to freshen up your skills. There are two colleges in Quincy and over 50 colleges, universities and community colleges in Boston and surrounding areas.

“I came to Boston for school and wanted to bring my business with me. I did a lot of research when looking at where to start my business in Massachusetts, and Quincy had a great demographic for the tutoring community,” says Thurston.

Employees meet at QUBIC Labs in Quincy, MA.
Nicole Loeb

Committed to Growth 

Starting a new business in Quincy may be easier than in other locations. The City of Quincy is committed to economic growth. There is a pool of financial incentives for businesses, such as the Economic Development Incentive Program, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Quincy Center Master TIF and Redevelopment programs, and District Improvement Financing (DIF).

“When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, the entire city shut down. The mayor reached out to me so we could help businesses faster,” says Cahill. “Within two weeks, he committed a grant to the Chamber, and two weeks after that, our businesses were able to receive the funds.”

In addition to incentives, city leadership is also highly supportive of business.

“The overall attitude I get from all departments beyond the mayor’s office is cooperative. I can tell business owners who to call, and they get treated properly and pointed in the right direction, so they can open the business quickly,” he says.

If you’d like to learn more about Quincy, MA, check out the latest edition of the Livability: Quincy, MA magazine.

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