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The Cost of Living Diaries: Williston, ND

Learn the ins and outs of everyday life in the Williston, ND region from a local. 

By Lindsey Hyde on July 7, 2022

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Welcome to The Cost of Living Diaries. How much does it cost to live in Williston, North Dakota? What’s an average mortgage, a cocktail, or a week’s worth of childcare? Keep reading because we asked a Williston local to tell us all about the cost of living in this thriving city!

People are traveling from far and wide to put down roots in Williston, a gorgeous North Dakota city whose slew of career opportunities are just as much of a draw as its superb quality of life. Its quaint local businesses, fun community events, fantastic eateries and easy access to nearby national and state parks make it the perfect place to live. 

To find out more about all this thriving community has to offer, we sat down with Addison Cymbaluk, born and raised in Williston. She left to attend college at Florida State University in 2019 and returned in 2021. Today, she is co-owner of Deja Brew, a coffee shop with two Williston locations.

Q: Why did you decide to move back to Williston after college?
A: This is my home, and they’ve served me for 23 years, so I felt the least I could do is come serve them for years. 

Q: How would you describe the community and its residents?
A: I think it’s one of the most giving and supportive communities in a time of need and aside from hard times. It’s very giving and supportive, and community-oriented. I’ve lived in the city before, so it’s very different from going from a community in a city versus a small-town community. It’s much more generous and giving, and it seems like everyone is always wanting you to succeed. People are very, very kind. 

Q: Why did you decide to launch Deja Brew in Williston?
A: I think it’s an awesome place to start a business because you have so much support from a variety of people — from kids to older people. You have support from your city, your city officials, your schools, your first responders. There are so many (entrepreneurial) resources — so many, so many. There’s a ton of resources through the city of Williston, like the chamber of commerce and all of that. 

Q: What was it like buying a home in Williston when you got back?
A: It was a smooth process. It was $225,000. I think the housing market here is kind of crazy, so for the location, I’m in and the size of the house, I feel like that was very normal. It’s a four-bedroom, 1.5-baths. We have a great size living room upstairs and downstairs. We have a huge backyard. 

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in Williston, and about how much would dinner and drinks for two people cost?
A: My favorite restaurant is Basil, so it’s like an Asian-fusion bar where you can get sushi, and it’s locally owned. Dinner and drinks — I would say, together, you’re probably spending $65. 

Q: Do you have a favorite coffee shop in the area (is it Deja Brew)? What would your favorite drink cost?
A: I’m very biased. Mine is my favorite, but if I were going to go to another coffee shop, I would go to The Coffee Post, which is another locally-owned coffee shop. I would probably get a caramel mocha frappuccino. I would say a medium would be between $5.50 and $5.75. 

Q: What are the outdoor recreation options like in the area?
A: We have Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where you can go hiking or sightseeing. We have Lake Sakakawea, where you can go kayaking. We have bike trails. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, parks — a lot of your typical outdoor stuff

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