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10 Things To Do in New York City

With so much to see and do, it never gets boring in New York City.

By Mikey Rosenbaum on December 3, 2021

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Courtesy of Dorli Photography under a CC 4.0 license.

There is every other big city in the world, and then there is New York City, America’s connection to the rest of the world that filters down into its sights and sounds. So, enjoy NYC, but let adventure guide you. Get off the regular path and see the city through the eyes of a local, Mikey Rosenbaum, who we’ve enlisted for this article — and is very clearly still in love with the city. We hope his enthusiasm will rub off on you!

1. Williamsburg

For those who have been around the city, it used to be a quiet neighborhood, but now it’s the hipster capital of the world. Once you pop off the Bedford L train stop, beware of the hipness. From music halls, biergartens and breweries to rooftop parties and warehouse dances, Williamsburg is what every artist dreams about, but it’s a real place. We think.

2. Immerse Yourself in Theater

A new term in the modern theater lexicon is “immersive,” which is arguably what all theater is, but this term is further defined by the concept of audience assimilation and possible participation. For the best example, check out “Sleep No More.” The less you know, the better. It’s worth the price of admission.

3. Park It

The obvious choice is Central Park, which is a must no matter the weather. In the winter, take a blanketed carriage ride around the park, or in the summer, simply walk through Sheep’s Meadow where others take time to frisbee or picnic their way to happiness. Fort Tryon Park, located in Upper Manhattan is also worth checking out.

snow in Central Park, New York City
Central Park, New York City / iStock.com

4. All This Jazz

With so many options for music, how do you choose what type to check out while you’re in New York? Here’s how: Go see some affordable jazz atop Dizzy’s Jazz Club at the Lincoln Center and enjoy a great glass view of lower Central Park. There’s also Smalls and Fat Cat in the Village.

5. Browse the High Line

The train-track-turned-greenway stretches 1.45 miles from the West Village to Hell’s Kitchen. Complete with vendors and artists, the High Line is filled with comfortable benches and spots to observe the city along its route. Stop in the new Whitney Museum or have lunch at the Chelsea Market for locally grown artisanal foods.

6. Bike (Along) The Hudson

Several downtown areas are embracing the bike-sharing phenomenon. If you just don’t have room for your bike on the flight, don’t worry! You can rent one in most parts of the city and drop it back off anywhere there is a stand. A great route for the city-biker is the Hudson River Greenway (especially through Chelsea), with a great view of the west side of town and the Hudson River, naturally.

Hudson River Greenway, New York City
Hudson River Greenway, New York City / iStock.com

7. Sofar Sounds

Ever wanted to go to a secret show? New York City is one of many recent cities to host the Sofar Sounds shows. Basically, you go onto their website and reserve a ticket under any area. They sell out fast and you won’t know where the show will be or who is playing ahead of time. It’s always an up and coming artist you can say you saw way back when. To keep date night interesting, check out Sofar Sounds!

8. Drinks On the Roof

If it’s summer, then you get your drinks on the house. Well roof, actually. New York City has some of the best rooftop bars with the best views. In the warmer months, enjoy Brass Monkey in Chelsea, or 230 Fifth in Flatiron (apparently they had igloos on the roof last year). For colder months, check out the log cabin at Gallow Green atop the McKittrick Hotel.  

9. Go Off-Broadway

Everyone knows the Broadway shows: Phantom, Les Mis, every Disney show, but the “Off” Broadway shows tend to be more exciting (and affordable). Check out Todaytix, it shows all of the current affordable tickets (including Broadway rushes, but no, there are still no tickets for “Hamilton.”) You may get to see a future classic in the making as many Broadway shows start off further down the musical food chain in more experimental houses.

10. Get Inspired in the Village

Looking for literary inspiration and material for your next novel? Take the official Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village or have a drink and enjoy some tunes at The Bitter End where the other Dylan (Bob) tried out new material. In the Village, inspiration is contagious and easy to catch.

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