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Score More Than a Career in Robertson County, TN

From employee engagement to great benefits, companies in Robertson County value their workforce and their role in the community.

By Joe Morris on May 3, 2023

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Whether it’s first-time job applicants, midlife career changers or those who are simply seeing what’s out there, people looking for employment in the manufacturing and distribution fields want one thing: a great place to work.

For some, that means a robust benefits package and competitive salary. For others, it’s all that plus strong community engagement and giving back.

Employers Care in Robertson County

In every case, people want to feel valued, so they have a career versus just a job – and Robertson County employers deliver.

From employee engagement to great benefits and working environments, companies here are true community partners that value their workforce.

The leadership team at Owens Corning in Springfield, TN
Owens Corning

At Owens Corning, a Healthy Living program pairs the company with Virgin Pulse to offer many programs that promote and reward healthy living habits. Those activities include everything from company-provided fruit on “Wellness Wednesdays” to Get Fit challenges in which employees compete in fun and healthy weight loss competitions.

Add in Tobacco Cessation Programs as well as monthly challenges that pay toward the employees’ Health Savings Account and there’s always something to try out, says Mark McCoy, operations leader, who left a job he’d held for more than 22 years to come to Owens Corning thanks in part to its progressive benefits package.

“They are 100% committed to providing a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace that allows their employees to make decisions and act like owners.”

Mark McCoy, operations leader at Owens Corning

“[The company] offers a competitive pay, quarterly bonuses and a great work environment. We also offer a four-day workweek allowing for a much more balanced work-home life,” McCoy says. “Employees can compete against each other to earn ‘Pulse Cash’ that can be used to buy prizes each quarter as well. This has provided me with some much-needed extra motivation at times to live a healthier and more active life.”

What’s more, he adds, a tuition assistance program allows employees to further their education and move into different positions throughout the company. And the adoption, family assistance and parental leave options allow parents, children and family members an opportunity to improve their interpersonal relationships and home life, he says.

“I think it shows that Owens Corning is much more than the iconic Pink Panther that represents their brand,” he says. “They are 100% committed to providing a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace that allows their employees to make decisions and act like owners.”

A Bath Fitter employee receives one of the company’s annual awards.

Innovative Programming

Bath Fitter’s vision is “to be a great company to work for and to do business with,” says Plant Director Jason Otts. “[This vision] is more than just words on signs around the plant; it is very important to us.”

For the last 22 years – since Bath Fitter first opened its doors in Middle Tennessee – the company has striven to uphold a people-first culture.

The employees of Bath Fitter enjoy a variety of benefits, which include an in-house restaurant and gym. The restaurant, called the Tennessee Grill, provides meals at a subsidized cost to employees, as well as a complimentary soda fountain and various breakfast items.

The gym is open 24/5 and is free for any employee to use. The company also hosts fun events and celebrations to recognize its employees for their achievements, such as the High-Five program and Continuous Improvement awards.

Bath Fitter not only provides a variety of benefits and programs for its current employees, but for potential future employees from the Robertson County community as well. “We have gotten involved in many educational programs with local schools because we know that’s where our employees are [likely] going to come from,” Otts says.

The company offers plant tours, job shadowing, sponsorships and many other programs to give local students a jumpstart on promising and fulfilling careers.

The people of Bath Fitter also strongly advocate the idea of paying it forward. “Over the last 15 years, we have raised more than $120,000 for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, [as well as] collected donations for the Tennessee Kids Nutrition Program,” Otts says.

Throughout the year, the company also provides charitable tub installations through its program Fit for Good for people who have fallen on hard times – at no cost to them.

The culture of Bath Fitter is reflected in its people. By focusing on creating a people-first environment, Bath Fitter has helped its employees, their families and their community to grow and thrive. These efforts have earned Bath Fitter a place on Tennessee’s Top Workplaces list four years in a row, and they plan to keep going. “We are a people-first culture,” Otts says. “We just happen to make bathtubs.”

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