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10 Best Gourmet Chocolate Shops Across the US

These aren't your typical drugstore chocolates.

By Kayla Walden on July 27, 2021

Gone are the days when you had to pick up run-of-the-mill chocolates from your local drugstore. Today, you can easily comb the web and discover an endless number of chocolate shops offering everything from classic milk chocolate bars to truffles and bonbons filled with herbs, spices, nuts or liquor. But how do you narrow down your options when the list goes on and on?

We’ve rounded up some of the top gourmet chocolate shops across the United States where you can order a decadent box of chocolates to be delivered right to your (or your valentine’s) front door.

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1. Ritual Chocolate

Park City, UT
Ritual Chocolate is a gourmet bean-to-bar shop nestled in the rugged mountains of Park City, UT. They are all about sustainable business practices, ranging from their organically grown cacao to their recyclable and compostable chocolate pouches and shipping materials. It’s a pretty impressive operation, but just wait until you see their product list. Their new après bar is what dreams are made of cacao aged in sparkling wine and topped with dried raspberries for a mouthwatering, wine-infused treat.

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2. Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Kansas City, MO
When you open your first box of Christoper Elbow chocolates, you may be tempted to keep it as a work of art rather than eat it for dessert. Their Signature Chocolate Collection is one of the most beautiful boxes we’ve ever seen. It is complete with bonbons ranging in flavors from Fleur de Sel Caramel and Champagne to Macadamia Praline and Fresh Lemon. And that’s not to mention the luscious sheen and detailing on each piece that makes them all a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

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3. Compartes

Los Angeles, CA
A rainbow of colors awaits at Compartes. Their chocolate bars are handmade every day, which means you never have to worry about receiving a less-than-fresh dessert. Instead, choose from dark, milk and white chocolate in a wild assortment of flavors ranging from Cinnamon Toast and Donuts and Coffee to Gingerbread and Pecan Pie. They even have special edition packaging patterns like plaid, luxe patina copper and a variety of wild animals.

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4. Bon Bon Bon

Detroit, MI
Tucked away in the heart of Detroit, MI is Bon Bon Bon. This vibrant and playful confectionary company offers a wide swath of chocolates to choose from, in addition to giving you the chance to build your own custom box of tasty treats. Of course, like all the shops on this list, you can’t go wrong with any item you choose.

However, we have a soft spot for the Sugar Chai Crunch Tape, a combination of milk chocolate, candied almond coconut, feuilletine, chai tea and fondant. The flavors are reason enough to put this one in your cart, but the fact that it’s shaped like a mixtape really puts it over the top.

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5. Garcia Nevett

Miami, FL
Just try biting into a piece of Venezuelan chocolate and not falling head-over-heels in love.  Garcia Nevett Chocolates in Miami is open for business and shipping that delicious flavor all across the country. While it is definitely a splurge, their Luxury Chocolate Chest holds nearly 100 chocolates for you to enjoy or share with a loved one. If you want something a little smaller, consider their Large Deluxe Box, which holds 25 scrumptious bites in flavors like Honey Cardamom, Champagne and Dulce de Leche.

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6. Recchiuti

San Francisco, CA
The boxed chocolates from Recchiuti in San Francisco are guaranteed to make your loved ones name you the best gift-giver of the year, no matter what occasion you’re celebrating. We highly recommend taking a good long look at their pairing collections. The Whiskey Pairing Collection might just be our all-time favorite. Chocolate flavors include Kona coffee, honeycomb and Fleur de Sel Caramel. The gift box comes complete with instructions on which item to pair with which whiskey, such as single-malt, blended and barrel-aged varieties.

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7. Fran’s

Bellevue, WA
Fran’s a family-owned chocolatier that started designing and creating everything from truffles and salted caramels to gold bars and chocolate-covered fruits and nuts in the early 1980s. Today, you can still find the fan favorites as well as gift boxes, signature collections and an assortment of sauces and drinking chocolates. If you need a recommendation, check out their Park Bars, made with roasted peanuts and soft butter caramel inside a rich milk chocolate coating. In addition to its Bellevue, WA location, Fran’s has various storefronts and retailers nationwide. 

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8. Milla Chocolates

Culver City, CA
You won’t regret ordering chocolates, bonbons or any other delicious morsel from Milla Chocolates, a boutique confectionary based in Los Angeles. Their dragées may be their most original and outside-the-box item on the menu. Also known as a confetto or Jordan almond, this is a bite-sized candy encased in a hard shell. If you’re feeling bold, you could try their Mesquite Pistachio Dragées. Or you could stick with something more traditional like Turkish Coffee Hazelnut or Raspberry Almond.

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9. Kollar Chocolates

Yountville, CA
Napa Valley may be known for wine, but it is also the home of Kollar Chocolates. They offer everything from classic European-style confections to radically unique new flavor combinations, which means they have something for everyone. Some of their most recommended items include the PB&J Pillbox (complete with peanut butter praline and raspberry house-made jelly-filled dark chocolates), Hazelnut Crunch Bark (a tasty treat made with milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts) and the 16-Piece Assorted Box of classic and seasonal truffles.

10. Burdick Chocolate

Cambridge, MA
Larry Burdick is the man you have to thank for all the delightful creations behind Burdick Chocolate. After training in Bern, Switzerland, this chocolatier returned home with a vision to transform household chocolates into something more than the mass-produced candies that line the drugstore shelves. Their time-honored traditions stand the test of time. They never use molds, even to create their Signature Chocolate Mice, which we highly recommend ordering for a treat that is guaranteed to make you smile. In addition to its Cambridge, MA location, Burdick has several locations around the nation. 

This list is composed of content that first appeared on our sister site, FarmFlavor.com.

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