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An Institution for the World: The Brook Hill School

By Kevin Litwin on January 12, 2018

Brook Hill School

The Brook Hill School’s website is really impressive. So impressive, in fact, this Christian-based, college prep school in Bullard, just south of Tyler, has attracted current students who hail from 25 different countries, as well as four U.S. states and the entire Tyler metro region. Brook Hill teaches students in grades Pre-K through 12.

“Tyler resident and businessman Steve Dement founded the school and saw the doors open in 1997 with 31 students, and today there are 675,” says Travis Albea, Brook Hill director of admissions and marketing. “Steve owns Landmark Title in Tyler and started the American Freedom Museum on the Brook Hill campus, and he also teaches U.S. history and government at the school.”

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Brook Hill features daytime-only classes, and there are 80 students who also live in boarding houses on campus. Two more boarding houses are under construction. Meanwhile, the school offers 27 AP and dual credit courses, a business lab for entrepreneurial experience, a coffee shop, athletics, clubs and arts programs.

“We also like to develop soft skills in students, such as presentation skills, being personable, making friendships, thinking critically, how to work through conflicts – things that many students don’t learn in classrooms,” Albea says. “We are about educating the whole student, caring about who the child is, not just what they know.”

Uniforms and Tuition

Students at Brook Hill wear uniforms, mostly white-collar polo shirts and khaki pants except on Wednesdays when more formal chapel dress is required, but Friday is casual day.

“Uniforms are a great way to level the playing field between students who come from all kinds of economic and socio-economic backgrounds,” Albea says. “It creates a culture of community where the kids dress for success. Two weeks into the semester, students are loving our uniforms because it takes away the decision every morning of what to wear.”

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As for tuition, Brook Hill is a bit expensive, costing about $10,000 in tuition and another $30,000+ if a child boards on campus.

“We are actually a lot more affordable than many Northeast boarding schools where total costs are in the upper $50,000s and low $60,000s,” Albea says. “Brook Hill is for families that really want a Christ-centered foundation for their children and an academic environment that prepares students for college and the rest of their lives in an increasingly global world. Brook Hill helps students understand their past so they can imagine a better future.”

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