Real Estate in Dickson, TN

Ready to move to Dickson , TN? Click below to learn more about recent housing trends, average home values and other real estate insights for the Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin, TN Metro Area area.

Real Estate Overview

So you want to move to Dickson , TN, but aren’t sure if you can afford the housing costs? Here’s what you need to know: The median home price in Dickson is $134,300, which is than the national average; while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $708, which is than the national average. The median salary in Dickson , TN is $37,045 and depending on how yours compares, it should help you determine which housing option is best for you.

  • Communities in Dickson, TN Area

    The Dickson, TN area has an abundance of affordable living options ranging from rural farms and historic neighborhoods to subdivisions and downtown condos.
  • Dickson, TN Neighborhoods

    Dickson, TN has many great neighborhoods along with affordable housing.
  • Family History in White Bluff near Dickson, TN

    The Bibb family has been in White Bluff, TN for generations, and has proved its loyalty to the town near Dickson, TN through civic involvement and generous donations.
  • Downtown Dickson, TN's History

    Longtime Dickson, TN resident Linnie Gibbs remembers the city's history as she has watched downtown Dickson evolve over the last 90 years.

Property Values

  $50k to $99k 26.2%
  $100k to $149k 31.2%
  $200k to $299k 9.1%
  $300k to $499k 4.1%
  $500k to $999k 1.3%
  Less than $50k 4.8%

Median Home Price
in Dickson , TN

Monthly Rent

Property Tax (with Mortgage)

$1.5k to $2k 11.4%
$1k to $1.5k 40.7%
$2.5k to $3k 3.7%
$2k to $2.5k 1.6%
Property Tax $3k or more 1.4%
$500 to $999 39.7%

Median Property Tax
in Dickson , TN

Property Tax (without Mortgage)

$1k or More 1.3%
$250 to $399 32.4%
$400 to $599 33%
$600 to $799 6.1%
$800 to $999 3.9%
Less than $250 23.4%
Property Tax Less $0.5k 1.5%

Median Propery Value
in Dickson , TN

Median Rent
in Dickson , TN

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