#5. Evanston

Shortly after Richard Nixon took the White House, voters in Evanston, Ill., started backing Democrats. These days, Republican candidates stand little chance of being elected to any level of government in Evanston. Nearly 85 percent of votes cast in the 2012 presidential election went to Barack Obama, who earlier this month choose Evanston’s Northwestern University as the location for a major policy speech. More than 50 languages are spoken at Evanston schools, a reflection of the city’s cultural diversity. 

Representing Illinois’ 9th Congressional District, which includes Evanston, is Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a far-left Democratic leader, according to GovTrack. Schakowsky, who joined Congress in 1998, strongly supports immigration reform and her office has helped many constituents work through immigration issues. Schakowsky, an Evanston resident, was a leader in passing Obamacare and focuses on senior citizen issues.  

Residents here are likely to …

  • drive a Cadillac.
  • eat at Qdoba.
  • shop at REI.
  • wath The Newsroom.
  • read Time magazine.

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