Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA downtown skyline at twilight.

#6. Oklahoma City, OK

Move here if you want to … find an artistic community.

When you think of artistic cities, your mind probably flashes to New OrleansNYC or Los Angeles. And while those places are undoubtedly brimming with creative energy, we’d like to propose an unexpected place that’s quickly becoming one of the country’s premier creative scenes: Oklahoma City.

Yes, you read that right.

Whether you want to make art, see art or just soak up the creative energy of other people making art, OKC has got you covered. From a fantastic indie film festival to a ridiculously cool gallery district, the artistic expression happening in Oklahoma City right now — and the local support for it — is unmatched.

“Oklahoma City has a really strong and supportive arts community,” says Kelsey Karper, one of the founders of  Factory Obscura, an artist collective that creates wildly popular immersive art experiences. “Because of the network of support we have cultivated amongst the arts community, there is room for people to try things without fear of failure.”

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