Las Vegas NV

#8. Las Vegas, NV

Move here if you want to … defy expectations.

Vegas has long been one of the quintessential “fresh start” cities. Case in point: how many people have bought a one-way ticket here with the express purpose of reinventing themselves?

While Vegas reinventions typically conjure images of sequins, feathers and/or a starring role in a Cirque du Soleil show, today’s Las Vegas is a multifaceted city with much more to offer people from all walks of life.

Median home prices in Las Vegas are well below $400,000, and the city is experiencing growth that’s creating opportunities in many different fields. Jobs in the service industry and hospitality are always plentiful, of course, but so are roles in marketing, communications and construction.

While most people define Vegas by the bright lights and craziness of the Strip, living here can be a surprisingly … wholesome experience. With tight-knit neighborhoods, tons of outdoor activities and a great food scene, living in Las Vegas defies all expectations.

But rest assured: it’s still Vegas, which means you’ll never be bored.

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