Pueblo, CO: What you need to know

Pueblo is a multicultural community in Southeastern Colorado at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek. Downtown's 1.5-mile Historic Arkansas Riverwalk Project serves as a centerpiece for the city's three-district Creative Corridor of galleries, cultural destinations and events. One such festival, the hugely popular Loaf ‘N Jug Chile & Frijoles Festival, celebrates Pueblo's famous green chiles.

While there's definitely a sense of history here — Pueblo made Livability.com's Top 10 Cities for Historic Preservation list, the city enjoys contemporary recognition on both national and international levels as the home of Colorado State University-Pueblo (2014 NCAA Division II Football National Champions) and Professional Bull Riders, Inc.

Pueblo, CO City Profile

Quick Facts

Population 108,073
Median Age 37
Median Household Income $34,550
Median Home Price $114,200

Pueblo, CO Rankings

Pueblo, CO Real Estate

Including Pueblo West, Pueblo Springs Ranch, and more.

There's a lot to choose from when it comes to places to live in Pueblo.

Pueblo's leaders are working to renovate and improve the downtown area, creating even more events and attractions.

Pueblo, CO is drawing retirees and more high-end businesses to the area, causing a housing boom.

Pueblo, CO Health and Health Care

Learn about St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center and Parkview Medical Center, two of Pueblo's top health-care destinations.

St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, CO offers residents a great place to go for medical treatments and emergencies.

Both Pueblo hospitals have much to offer

Pueblo, CO Business and Economy

Pueblo Corporate College customizes instruction to businesses, students

Initiative provides microgrants to nurture small businesses

Pueblo, CO Top Employers are school districts, medical centers, county boards, and manufacturing facilities.

Pueblo's unique advantages make it a top agricultural center

Four well-attended events are among more than a dozen each year that are organized by the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

Voters approve measure for attracting more business

A handful of companies from around the world have located or expanded their manufacturing operations to the Pueblo area.

Three key developments over the past 20 years have made the city a more desirable destination.

Pueblo's 100-year reputation as a steel city factored into the company's decision.

The Pueblo, CO Chamber of Commerce offers residents the chance to participate in many community activities.

Why did pewag choose Pueblo? There are many reasons, but here are a few.

One of the largest steel-producing cities in the U.S., Pueblo’s history helps grow its future.

Diverse business climate propels economy forward

Lake Avenue in Pueblo, CO is being renovated to create more city updates for locals.

Pueblo not only supplies military parts to the government, but employs veterans at local facilities.

The area will soon be renovated into a great area for locals and tourists.

Pueblo, CO Chamber of Commerce members and local business discuss economic growth in the city.

Pueblo, CO Schools

Area enjoys two public school districts, three colleges and two private academies

Including Pueblo Community College, Colorado State University-Pueblo, and more.

Pueblo, CO Demographics

Population By Gender

  Male 49.1%
  Female 50.9%

Total Employed Armed Forces: 28
In Pueblo, CO

in Pueblo, CO

Median Population

Median Age 37.4%
Age 18 Over 76.7%
Age 21 Over 72.3%
Age 62 Over 20.1%
Age 65 Over 16.5%


  Ethnicity White 74.5%
  Ethnicity Black 2.7%
  Ethnicity Asian 0.7%
  Ethnicity Hispanic 51.8%
  Ethnicity Indian 3.3%
  Ethnicity Other 13.8%


  Median Household Income $34,550
  Median Home Price $114,200
  Homes Owned 43.7%
  Homes Rent 56.3%
  Median Property Rent $740

Why did pewag choose Pueblo? There are many reasons, but here are a few: Access to the supply chain, skilled and qualified workforce, training capabilities with Pueblo Community College, tireless support from Pueblo Economic Development Corporation, and economic incentives from the City of Pueblo.

Mike Uhrenbacher, pewag USA president


  English Only 81.8%
  English Other 18.2%

in Pueblo, CO

Commute Types

  Walked 3.1%
  Worked at Home 2.2%
  Public Transportation 1.5%
  Other Means 1.4%
  Drove Alone 79.5%
  Carpooled 12.2%