Twin Falls, ID

Waterfalls, Sunsets & Yes, Fries

Southern Idaho stuns with gorgeous scenery, culture, outdoor adventure and perfect spuds. 

Twin Falls, ID

People in Southern Idaho may be starting to embrace the “the only things here are potatoes” stereotype, as the secret is definitely out on how not true that is. Okay, this region does serve up some pretty amazing fries so close to the source – flavorful, crispy, salty and oh, so delicious – but the area has so much more. Southern Idaho’s small-town feel is celebrated throughout its communities, and the region is surprisingly diverse with a large and growing Latino population and a refugee resettlement program that draws people from all parts of the world. The Snake River allows for adventures of all kinds, from rafting and fishing to boating, kayaking and even BASE jumping. Culturally, educationally and economically, the College of Southern Idaho has a huge role in the community and is a valuable resource in workforce development partnerships with local schools and industries. 

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