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Generation Dayton Helps Young Professionals Connect to the Community, Grow Their Careers

Dayton rolls out the welcome mat to relocating young professionals by offering them a diverse menu of resources.

By Livability on August 18, 2022

Generation Dayton
Matt Herman, DACC

A program of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Generation Dayton provides young professionals with access to education, networking and community service opportunities.

“Community engagement is important to overall wellbeing, especially coming through a pandemic where isolation has been so high,” says Nicki Royce, manager of leadership programming for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. “It builds confidence and connection personally, and it impacts our communities in a positive way as well. The more someone is engaged, the stronger their connection to Dayton and the more committed they are to making Dayton a great place to live and work for everyone.”

Programs such as Generation Dayton can ease the transition of relocating to a new city. Young professionals can see the program as a gateway to getting involved, meeting people, building a network, learning more about the region and growing professionally, she says.

Royce says in addition to programs that foster personal development and community engagement, Generation Dayton provides networking and professional development opportunities to help young professionals grow their careers.

“It’s been shown that having networking opportunities helps to retain young talent in Dayton,” Royce says. “These opportunities also help young talent grow their careers. In networking with other program members, and other Chamber members, it can connect them with employment opportunities or mentorships. We also host monthly professional development workshops, and, in June, we are hosting the annual Generation Dayton Day, which has young professionals from all over Dayton connecting with one another and volunteering for various nonprofits.”

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