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7 Reasons Remote Workers Should Consider a Move to Maury County, Tennessee

Find out why Maury County is a perfect destination for remote workers.

By Kevin Litwin on September 15, 2021

Maury Co. TN
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Many of the same positive qualities drawing people to the area are also what make it the perfect place for remote workers. Here are seven reasons Maury County is a must-live/work destination if you are a remote worker.

1. It’s affordable.

The median home value is $275,000, compared to $654,000 in California and $651,000 in the New York metro area.

2. It has great coworking spaces.

When you need a break from your home office, coworking spaces are here – try Cowork Columbia or Muletown Collective.

3. Outdoor recreation abounds.

Whether you are looking for a place to hike or bike or just want to hit the water, Maury County can help you fill your time.

4. The housing selection is diverse.

From new apartments available downtown to nice houses in quaint neighborhoods and even high-end, upscale homes, Maury County has it all.

5. Employment opportunities are abundant.

There are plenty of job opportunities here, should you decide you want a different job in the future.

6. It’s easy to get connected with your community.

Spring Hill, Columbia and Mt. Pleasant have Facebook pages called “I Heart Spring Hill,” “I Heart Columbia,” and “I Love Mt. Pleasant” where residents can ask questions, get recommendations on restaurants, businesses, etc., or just discuss topics.

7. There’s a major airport nearby.

Should those who move eventually need to go back to their office for a company meeting, or if they just want to fly home to visit family or friends, Nashville International Airport is less than an hour from Maury County.

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