Best Places to Live

Kansas City, MO

Population: 467,990
Wes Aldridge

Kansas City, MO, balances affordability and economic growth like nobody's business. It's also earned a reputation as one of the brainiest cities for college grads to settle, according to Mortgage Match. But it's not all business in Kansas City, which offers the bright Power & Light District, complete with more than 50 bars, shops and venues, and a surprsisingly lively jazz scene.

Median resident age: 35

Married: 46%

Single: 54%

Median household income: $52,574

Median rent for a two-bedroom apartment: $798

Median travel time to work: 19 minutes

Total workforce: 73,300

White collar jobs: 75%

Blue collar jobs: 25%

Bachelor's degree: 23%

Masters degree: 10%