Charlotte, NC, is one of the best cities to beat inflation.

#2. Charlotte NC

Virtual and augmented reality reigns supreme in Charlotte. There are more job openings in the VR/AR sectors here than in any other place in the nation, so for those gamers on the job hunt, Charlotte might be your best bet. Typical high school sports like football and basketball aren’t the only options. Bradford Prep school has adopted esports as an official varsity sport, where after-school practices include hand-eye coordination drills and strategy plans.

Besides being a goldmine for jobs in the gaming world, Charlotte has a lot going for it. Physical sports are still huge here, and the city is home to the NFL’s Panthers and NBA’s Hornets, as well as being a mecca for NASCAR. Residents here are highly educated thanks to its dozen nationally-ranked high schools and more than 38 colleges and universities.

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