Best Places to Live

Kansas City, MO

Population: 467,990
Photo: Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association

Kansas City's dedication to the environment is showcased bimonthly in its community magazine, Greenability. The city sponsors activities like the annual Green Commute Challenge, which get companies competing to encourage employees to carpool or use public transportation, therefore removing cars from the road during peak commute hours.

A unique green project in Kansas City is the construction of a green home made entirely from industrial shipping containers. Debbie Glassberg, the owner of the home, has plans to construct more eco-friendly homes in the future. Others in Kansas City are hard at work organizing green construction as well.

The Green Impact Zone, a “national model for place-based investment,” is a project to rebuild and strengthen urban neighborhoods, as well as improve energy efficiency and find green solutions to water and waste problems. The project was ambitious enough that it caught the attention of the White House, earning it a tour by top officials and a special post in the White House blog.

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