Land of Opportunity

Wisconsin boasts amazing job opportunities, natural beauty and affordability — not to mention world-famous beer and cheese. Any questions?

Wisconsin: What You Need To Know

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland and the birthplace of classic beers such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller, and Schlitz, and it’s also home to some of the best places to live in America, including two of our 2017 Top 100 Best Places to Live: Madison and La Crosse. With the rivers and lakes scattered throughout the state and vast woodlands, Wisconsin draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country no matter the season – ever been ice fishing?

The metropolitan areas of Madison and Milwaukee boast top art and entertainment choices. The Milwaukee Museum of Art hosts work from renowned artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Warhol, and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art houses the best up-and-coming artists. Music festivals, such as Summerfest and Eaux Claires bring local and international musicians together across the state.

A well-regarded education system is led by the University of Wisconsin and its 26 campuses. Kenosha, Eau Claire, Green Bay and Racine offer residents affordable housing, quality education and employment opportunities, as well as plenty of recreational options.

The Dairyland’s economy is run by more than cheese curds, with industry sectors in agriculture, manufacturing and information technology. The state is also home to 8 Fortune 500 companies, including Harley-Davidson, Oshkosh, Kohl’s, Northwestern Mutual and Johnson Controls. Wisconsin is also ranked no. 2 for fostering entrepreneurial growth.

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