Santa Claus IN

#2. Santa Claus IN

 Book: Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance” by Riane Konc

Addicted to Hallmark Holiday movies? This choose-your-own-holiday-movie adventure lets you get in on the action. Complete with a busy career woman, a not-quite-right boyfriend and a farm that actually grows candy canes, this hilarious book is perfect for the holiday season.

Konc’s Place Recommendation: Santa Claus, Indiana

“The best place to read Build Your Own Christmas Romance is Santa Claus, Indiana. It’s got everything the setting from a made-for-TV Christmas movie needs: small-town Midwest vibes, a too-good-to-be-true name, a year-round obsession with Christmas, cottages and cabins for lodging and even a statue of Santa Claus. If you can’t make it to Santa Claus, Indiana, any small town will do — provided it’s covered in snow and full of strangers who want to teach you a lesson about Christmas magic.”  

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