Boulder CO

#3. Boulder CO

Book: We Love Anderson Cooper” by R.L. Maizes

This short story collection centers on characters who see themselves as outsiders – from a tattoo artist whose work takes on a life of its own to a Jewish man whose cat starts aligning with his Protestant girlfriend during the holidays. The stories are set in New York, Phoenix, Miami, and Colorado, where the author lives.

Maizes’s Place Recommendation: Boulder, Colorado

The Dushanbe Tea House is a great place in Boulder, CO, to read a book or to write one. Elements of the gorgeous building, such as the colorful exterior ceramic tiles and the interior carved and painted ceiling, were constructed in Tajikistan. While I was writing my short story collection, ‘We Love Anderson Cooper,’ my writing group would meet there to discuss each member’s work. Order a cup of chai or a bowl of spicy Indonesian peanut noodles and let the hours and pages fly by.”  

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