Seattle WA

#5. Seattle WA

 Book:Hollow Kingdom” by Kira Jane Buxton

This novel is narrated by S.T., a trash-talking, Cheetos-loving crow, who fights to save humanity from the apocalypse after his owner Big Jim is infected with a disease plaguing humans. S.T.’s adventures include a unique combination of humor, adventure and heart.   

Buxton’s Place Recommendation: Seattle, Washington

“Since it’s predominantly set in Seattle, some great spots to read ‘Hollow Kingdom’ include the Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park or the Seattle Humane Society as you consider rescuing a kitty or pup. Another excellent reading spot is an independent bookstore like Third Place Books, the Elliott Bay Book Company, Queen Anne Book Company or the Edmonds Bookshop (this is where I will most likely be in the event of an apocalypse). 

“You could even hole up at your local watering hole, order a Pabst blue ribbon or a fireball whisky in honor of Big Jim and disappear into the dystopia (just remember to BYOC — bring your own Cheetos).

“‘Hollow Kingdom’ should, ideally, be read in the company of animals, trees and plants. Whether you snuggle up with your ficus or your frug (French poodle X pug), being in the company of creatures of the natural world always lifts the mood and elevates the reading experience. Just remember to turn off your cell phone.”

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