2016 Best Affordable Places to Live - Provo

#6. Provo

Whether you’re rocking out during a concert at the Covey Center or cruising down a backcountry trail, you’ll find that things to do in Provo, Utah, cost less than they do in most major cities. (With the exception of a haircut, which, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, averages out to $23.25.) Provo’s median household income of $40,359 provides plenty of spare change to enjoy many of the amenities this city has to offer. Most residents spend less than 24 percent of their incomes on housing, and they spend less on groceries and utilities than the average American. Those factors help make Provo one of the best affordable cities to live in.

Provo ranked second best housing market in the nation

A network of bike lanes, sidewalks and reliable public transportation options, like the FrontRunner commuter rail, help residents save money and make getting around Provo and the surrounding area easy and eco-friendly. Brigham Young University helps set the cultural tone in Provo and provides both students and residents with a mountain of affordable entertainment that ranges from football games to museums and performing arts events. Provo is located between two pristine natural attractions, the 250-square-mile Utah Lake and the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains, which provide opportunities to hike, bike, camp and snow ski. Naturally some of the most popular things to do in Provo include outdoor adventures.

Why Provo is One of the 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

The music venues, bars, art galleries, shops and restaurants draw thousands of people to the downtown Provo area each day, where visitors can admire a mix of architectural styles that combine the best of old and new. The Covey Center for the Arts hosts a variety of art exhibits as well as a massive performance space and classrooms. The city’s $16 billion economy is stabilized by BYU but bolstered by three large tech companies: Vivint, Qualtrics and Ancestry.com. These top employers, along with well-supported small businesses, have helped keep Provo’s unemployment rate well below the national average. City leaders have managed to keep taxes relatively low, compared to the rest of the country, and the creation of Provo Power, which supplies the city with electricity, has helped keep energy costs in check. You just might want to consider cutting your own hair to save some money.

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