2016 Best Affordable Places to Live - Rochester

#3. Rochester

Homes in Rochester, Minn., remain quite affordable to the majority of households at or above the city’s median income of $63,400. While community leaders have expressed worry that there could be a shortage of affordable housing in the coming years, Rochester is currently one of the best bargains in the country. Most residents spend less than the national average on groceries and utilities and slightly more on health care and miscellaneous purchases, making it one of the best affordable cities. The majority of people living in Rochester spend less than 23 percent of their annual incomes on housing.

The real bargain is the high quality of life, amenities and things to do in Rochester, which ranks No. 1 on our 2016 Top 100 Best Places to Live. Excellent parks and recreational facilities in Rochester, including an extensive trail system, golf courses and hockey rinks, give residents plenty of opportunities to play and stay fit. Silver Lake and several streams offer places to canoe, paddle boat, fish and swim during warm weather.

Why Rochester is the Best Place to Live in America 2016

An impressive collection of both independent and chain restaurants in Rochester satisfy most cravings. Among the best places to eat in Rochester are Beetle’s Bar & Grill, Saints on Second and Victoria’s Ristorante & Wine Bar. The arts and cultural scene in Rochester extends from Mayo Clinic’s Civic Center, which hosts large events, to the Rochester Art Center, a collection of art exhibits in a unique building. Schools in Rochester rank among the highest in the nation, and they include technical schools, community colleges and four-year universities. The city is served by a large collection of health-care providers.

8 Reasons to Move to Rochester, MN

The Mayo Clinic anchors Rochester’s economy, providing more than 32,000 jobs. Major expansion of the clinic could more than double its workforce over the next decade. Other businesses in Rochester include IBM, construction companies, food makers and metal producers.

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