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9 Reasons To Move to Washington, D.C.

Walkability, a burgeoning job market, and an excellent food scene are just a few of the benefits of living in our nation's capital.

By Susanna Pilny on December 6, 2021

Washington, D.C.
Washington / Courtesy of PeterPanFan under a CC 4.0 license.

If you’re looking to make a move to somewhere new, the decision is very likely challenging. How can you choose when there are so many great places to live across America? Well, if Washington, D.C. is something you’re considering, we’ve compiled a list for you of why D.C. might just be your new home.

If you’re looking to get back in touch with nature, D.C. is a great place to be. Between the National Mall, the Tidal Basin, and the National Arboretum, green spaces abound, making time away from the hustle and bustle of city life all the easier.

2. There’s a lot to do

Bored? There’s an easy fix for that: Walk out your front door. From professional sports to museums, random street festivals to historic sites, there is always something to experience in Washington, D.C.

Best Places to Live in Washington D.C.

3. Jobs

If you want to work for the federal government, then this is the city for you. The U.S. government employs more than 140,000 people locally.

But D.C. is also the hub of many other major businesses, ranging from private healthcare to defense contracting to tourism, meaning it likely will have a job in your wheelhouse.

4. Suburbs

The suburbs around D.C. are some of the best in the country, especially in terms of education levels, income levels, and school rankings. But more than that, many suburbs balance all these things while managing to stay in the more affordable range, like Silver Spring or North Laurel.

5. Food

Washington, D.C. is a great city for people who love food. The cuisine is truly international, and there are plenty of chic cafes, hipster bars, farmer’s markets, and celebrity chef-run experiences to please all appetites and budgets. Plus, there are several food sampling tours you can take, in case you can’t decide where to eat next.

6. The Climate

D.C. is graced with a climate that seems to offer the best of all worlds. It has four seasons, including snow, but it never gets too cold, unlike New England. And unlike many Southern states, its summers are relatively mild, lacking the instant-shower humidity and skin-blistering heat of somewhere like Nashville.

7. LGBT- and Women-Friendly

More than 10% of adults in Washington, D.C. identify themselves as a member of the LGBT community — almost three times more than the national average. Plus, it has the highest percent of same-sex couple households in the whole country, and a thriving LGBT culture throughout.

D.C. was also ranked as the top metropolitan area for women’s well-being in 2012, as women in D.C. earned the most money and were more educated than anywhere else, according to Measure of America.

8. Centrally Located

If you get bored with all D.C. has to offer, there are loads of places to visit that are relatively close to the city. Fredericksburg, for example — the site of a famous Civil War battle — or Gettysburg are two great options. Mount Vernon is also in driving distance of D.C., and if you really want a change of scenery, Baltimore is an hour away.

9. Diversity

Demographically, D.C. is quite diverse: Roughly 46% of residents are white, 46% are black, 11% are Hispanic or Latino, and 5% are Asian. It also draws in many new residents from international locales, meaning it is a blending of many wonderfully diverse cultures and peoples.

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