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Local Couple Gets a Soft Landing in the Greater Daytona Region

"There is always a helping hand or a friendly hello."

By Val Hunt Beerbower on June 6, 2022

Whitney and April Coyle, residents of Massey Ranch Airpark, a community located in the Greater Daytona Region of Florida.
Whitney Coyle

When you live a fast-paced lifestyle, convenient access to transit options is key to flexibility. And it doesn’t get much quicker and easier than living at Massey Ranch Airpark in Edgewater. This coastal fly-in community is located on Central Florida’s east coast in southeast Volusia County. It’s situated 1 mile from the Intracoastal Waterway, 3 miles from the Atlantic beaches and is just a short drive to stores, schools, Orlando, Cape Canaveral and all of the region’s famous attractions.

This community was the perfect nontraditional neighborhood for aviation enthusiast Whitney Coyle and his wife, April. Whitney says his family moved to the area in 2000 when he and his brother competed in surf competitions. Nearly two decades later, he finally purchased a home where he could “park” his aircraft in his backyard.

We sat down with Whitney to get the scoop on what it is like living in this aviation community.

Why did you choose Massey Ranch Airpark for your home?
I knew I would always live in a fly-in community. My home came up for sale at the perfect time in my career, so I was able to make the purchase. At the same time, I met my wife, who was also passionate about aviation, even if it was for helicopters (household rivalry.)

What location benefits have you come to appreciate?
Massey’s location makes it easy to avoid beach traffic in the summer by taking back roads straight to 95.

What would you say to someone considering living in the community?
Massey Ranch Airpark is the perfect place to enjoy some space and an active aviation community. We look forward to raising our family here and hope more young families can share in this amazing place.

What surprised you most about living at Massey Ranch?
The welcome we received. There is always a helping hand or a friendly “hello” in this tight-knit community. A few nights a week, some of the neighbors take their golf carts and dogs down to the runway to watch the sunset. I look forward to this when I get home from work trips. There’s nothing better than a group of aviators and friends “hangar flying” next to a runway while the sun sets and the dogs are playing. April and I can’t wait to include our daughter.

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