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Why These 4 Innovators Thrive in Williamson County (and You Can, Too)

Talented workforce, business-friendly climate and great network of resources among the numerous reasons companies excel in this Tennessee county.

By Kim Madlom on October 28, 2021

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Innovative entrepreneurial companies in Williamson County excel in Middle Tennessee, thanks to the region’s network of resources, access to highly educated talent, and outstanding quality of life.

Williamson County’s location in the heart of the Nashville MSA gives companies access to a highly educated workforce and the benefits of Tennessee’s business-friendly climate. LaunchTN, the state’s public-private partnership to support entrepreneurial companies, offers access to capital and connections to startup resources for entrepreneurs, including mentorship programs, accelerators and incubator space.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who is thinking about relocating to Williamson County, take a look at these four companies that are thriving here.

Healthcare Value Analytics

In fall 2020, Healthcare Value Analytics (HVA) moved its operations from Lufkin, Texas, to Brentwood, TN. The proximity to Nashville places the company near some of the largest for-profit hospital operators in the country, a deep health care technology talent pool and active capital resources available for early-stage health care technology companies.

“This is the perfect place for HVA to take the next steps in the growth of the company. There are so many talented health care tech people here as well as many other great companies working on similar platforms that HVA can learn from and partner with,” says Kyle Duke, president and COO.

Healthcare Value Analytics helps physicians track a patient’s cost of care in real time and benchmarks it against the average cost for patients with similar diagnoses. The result is helping physicians deliver informed, high-quality care with a focus on value.


Noxigen, a Franklin tech company, focuses on developing solutions to help simplify and secure IT administration. The company provides a privileged access management solution that enables organizations to reduce or eliminate admin rights to manage Windows systems.

Noxigen, founded by Jay Adams, developed System Frontier, a web-based remote management platform that enables any business to enforce the principle of least privilege using an intuitive interface.

It allows server administrators to delegate specific administrative level rights without giving direct access to the target systems. Custom automation scripts and tools can be delegated to empower users to do their job with less risk of human error. All actions are logged in detail to make audit and compliance reports much more manageable.

ClearTrack Information Network

A provider of supply chain management software and interactive services, Brentwood-based ClearTrack Information Network launched in 2000 as one of the first hosted software-as-a-service solution providers.

ClearTrack offers global supply chain visibility software applications and services.

“As supply chain execution demands on enterprise clients grew, so did the demand for our company to expand and provide solutions for other supply chain challenges, including global trade management, product integrity and compliance, and freight procurement and expense management,” says Don Mabry, president and COO.

Connecting more than 30,000 global businesses and processing more than $5 billion in trade annually, ClearTrack’s access anywhere network combines collaboration tools with software applications to provide insight and analysis, enabling companies of all sizes to protect brands, control costs, reduce risks and maintain trust.

Digital Reasoning

Amid a global pandemic, Franklin-based Digital Reasoning recognized an opportunity to shift in how and where people work.

“In this new world of remote work, a company’s digital communications infrastructure is now the most essential one for it to function and thrive,” says Tim Estes, founder and CEO of Digital Reasoning.

In late 2020, Oregon-based Smarsh acquired Digital Reasoning, an acquisition that helps the company capitalize on the growth opportunities presented by working life in the age of COVID and beyond. Even with companies returning to offices, remote participation in meetings will likely continue to accelerate.

The deal pairs Smarsh’s focus on capturing and storing communications, such as emails, text messages and video calls, with Digital Reasoning’s expertise in making sense of those messages, including via artificial intelligence.

While Digital Reasoning initially focused on security and intelligence work and later moved into health care and finance, it and Smarsh plan to zero in on financial institutions because that’s where the most significant opportunity is post-COVID.

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