Top 10 Manly Cities

Manly Cities
Manly Cities

Ranking Criteria

  • Rugged outdoor scene
  • Off the beaten path
  • Activities the appeal to men
  • Steak restaurants

In honor of Father's Day, we went looking for the manliest places to bring dear old dad. Afterall, doesn't he deserve some "man time?" You may judge a city's masculinity by the number of pro sports teams, bars, home improvement centers or gun owners it has. Others might study the percentage of men vs. women. We took a different route to arrive at the Top 10 Manly Cities.

When considering which places are the "most manly" we looked at the experiences a city can provide and the feeling visitors leave with. We sought out places that provide a sense of wonder and where the attention of even the gruffest of men would be held. That meant steering away from the beaten path that leads to the most popular vacation destinations and blazing a new trail. These cities are so manly they must put testosterone in the water.

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