Denver CO

#4. Denver CO

Beer history in Denver goes all the way back to the city’s founding in 1859. At that time, the thirsty miners that poured into the new city after gold was discovered nearby led to more saloons and bars in the downtown area. The city’s first government was even founded in one of these saloons!

Colorado beer culture expanded even more when a young German immigrant named Coors founded his brewery in Golden in 1873. Now one of the largest beer manufacturers in the entire country, the Coors brewery still uses 44 natural springs surrounding its property to supply water for the beer.

Today, Denver has embraced the microbrewery trend and beer culture in the Mile High City remains as strong as ever. In fact, more beer is brewed in Denver every day than in any other American city. The city hosts the Great American Beer Festival, the annual Denver Beer Week and several brewery tours.

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