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17 Things to Know Before Dating Someone From Texas

#5: Texas flags are appropriate home and dorm accessories

By Abbey Hull on July 14, 2016


Growing up in North Texas, it took me moving away for college to realize how much of a Texan I truly am. Yes, the infamous Texas pride is strong with this one, but many of us do not understand how unique Texas is until we experience someplace else. (It’s like we’re our own country or something…)

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However, after dating a few people from the North, West, and East, I learned a few things about myself, but more importantly about Texas people. Now, don’t get me wrong, dating is different for everyone, but from my own dating experiences (you know who you are), here’s some things you need to know about dating someone from Texas. 

1. We love sports

We grew up with brothers, fathers, and football season—we know our sports (sometimes better than you) and watch them often. Be prepared for our advanced knowledge of football plays and player statistics and share our love of the game.

2. We 100% believe in the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas”

Have you seen our sunsets? Or gone stargazing out in the country? Our Texas skies are overwhelming and can’t compare. We love them and will fight you when you say your state has a better view. We’ll show you what you’re missing.

3. Be able to identify the following people:

Nolan Ryan, Troy Aikman, Stephen F. Austin, Tony Romo, Dirk Nowitzki, Sam Houston, Davy Crockett…the list goes on. Hail some of our founding fathers and heroes.

4. Embrace nature 

Texas is beautiful, and we have been exploring it for a while. Ask us to share it with you, and you will earn major points with us.

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5. Texas flags are appropriate home and dorm accessories 

They’re able to spruce up any wall or window.

6. They are also appropriate clothing accessories and designs 

Don’t believe us? Tell it to our Texas flag running shorts, shirts, and hats.

7. Same goes for cowboy boots and hats

Yes, we may own them, but that doesn’t mean we’re cowboys/girls. For Texans, boots and jeans are average, everyday style choices in the city and the country.

8. Be wary of those who are “all hat and no horse”

Make sure you’re being genuine, because Texans, more than anyone, can tell.

9. A normal date may not be your “normal” date 

Forget the dinner and a movie for us—we love going to football games, stockyard rodeos, and two-step dancing the night away.

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10. Don’t judge us for our Texan tendencies

We measure distance in minutes; we use y’all for any type of group reference; we may call all sodas Cokes, and we may tell everyone we know, don’t know, or just met that we are from Texas. We are proud—let us be proud. (Not that you’ll be able to stop us.)

11. Get used to the smell of hairspray 

Big Texas hair doesn’t just happen naturally, you know. That takes time, money, and a lot of aerosol.

12. We have our sights set on something 

We know what we want, and we have our eyes set on the prize, both in life and on the shooting range (because that’s a thing for us too).

13. Women expect you to be a perfect gentleman

As girls, we grew up in the South where manners count, so we want you to open the door for us. And our boys are/were trained in the art of manners and will open the door for you. Every. Time.

14. We love our food

Have you tasted Texas brisket barbecue, authentic Mexican food, or the annual fried food fest at the Texas State Fair? Because we have, and we love it. We’ll eat circles around you when it’s the right meal.

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15. And speaking of food, our favorite fast food is Whataburger

‘Nuff said, y’all.

16. Be prepared for a lecture about barbecue

A true slow-smoked brisket is the best BBQ around. We don’t need that pork in our lives, and we will take you to the closest barbecue joint (if in Texas) just to make our point.

17. We love Texas

Whether we’re a thousand miles away or deep in the heart of it, we will always compare where we are to home. Texas holds a special place in our hearts, and the sooner you understand that, the sooner we will give our hearts to you, too.

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