Top 10 Cities for Book Lovers

#1 PortlandOregon
Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR
Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR

Quick Facts About Portland

Population: 605,247
Med. Age: 36
Med. Household Income: $49,736
Med. Home Price: $230,987
Average Work Commute: 20 MINUTES

The city that inspired the likes of Jean M. Auel and Beverly Cleary is no stranger to the bookstore (and this city happens to offer 139 of them). The crown jewel in the city's book scene is the expansive Powell's City of Books. Five floors, thousands of titles and ridiculous amounts of Yelp love will entice any book fanatic to these pearly gates of book paradise.

Where to go: Powell's City of Books

Authors from here: Jean M. Auel, author of the Clan of the Cave Bear; children's writer extraordinaire Beverly Cleary; and Walt Curtis, poet and novelist

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