Sioux Falls SD

#10. Sioux Falls, SD

This outdoorsy city in South Dakota is known for being one of America’s happiest and healthiest cities, so there’s no time for traffic. Reddit agrees that one of the best pros of living here is its lack of traffic. An average commute here will take you just 16.4 minutes. Safe drivers play a huge part in this minimal traffic, and time and time again Sioux Falls has been number one on Allstate’s list of cities with the safest drivers.

Besides being safe, Sioux Falls cracked the top 10 of Livability’s Top 100 Best Places to Live list this year. A paradise for adventurers, Sioux Falls has made a name for itself as an entertainment and shopping destination in the Midwest. Residents here enjoy it all: affordable housing, a healthy economy with good employment options, and plenty of culture and arts to keep life interesting and colorful.

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