Aerial view of Athens, GA

#9. Athens

The North Oconee River cuts through rolling hills, passing by antebellum architecture and a Victorian-era downtown to create a romantic setting in Athens, Ga., a city that includes a large population of single residents. Hip restaurants, unique shops, rich music history, and trendy performance venues make Athens one of the best cities for singles to get out and meet someone new. You’ll find residents go dancing, hit nightclubs and watch movies at a higher rate than the average American.

The city’s dating scene extends far beyond students attending the University of Georgia, but being a college town has its benefits, which include sporting events, art shows, lectures and a variety of performances to attend. More than a quarter of residents in Athens are between 21- and 35-years-old, which bodes well for young professionals looking for serious relationships. Singles in Athens use digital dating systems like eHarmony and Tinder at a slightly higher rate than the national average.

With its friendly Southern charm and college-town vibe, Athens presents an atmosphere that is very conducive to meeting people the old-fashion way. A large collection of gyms and fitness centers provide opportunities to make new friends while getting in a workout. Groups ranging from MeetUps to clubs and volunteer organizations give singles in Athens many ways to meet new people while participating in fun and interesting activities. The city’s wide assortment of events, live performance venues and art galleries give newly dating couples lots of ways to spend time together. Athens is filled with bands covering nearly every musical genre you can think of and places like the 40 Watt Club and the Georgia Theatre, where several now-famous acts got their start. Who knows, Athens could be the start to a blossoming romance.


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