Patrons enjoy the confines of a dark restaurant in Carborro, NC.

#1. Carrboro

Considered one of the most progressive communities in the southeast, Carrboro, N.C., holds a high concentration of single adults who are generally more active and social than the average American. And while singles in Carrboro tend to use online dating sites at a slightly higher rate than those in other places, the city’s layout, college-town vibe and assortment of entertainment options make meeting someone the old-fashion way highly possible.

See where Carrboro ranks in the Top 100 Best Small Towns.

Diversity is celebrated in Carrboro, where the official city motto is “feel free.” Carrboro was among the first cities in the south to grant domestic-partner benefits to same-sex couples. You’ll find hipsters and hippies mingling at community events like the Carrboro Music Festival, July 4th Celebration and West End Poets Festival. You’ll find college students from nearby University of North Carolina sitting on barstools next to retirees.

A solid collection of bars and clubs in Carrboro, which include local favorites like The Station, Orange County Social Club, and The Speakeasy at Tyler’s, are great places to people watch and catch and eye or two. But getting involved in community activities and getting active are probably the best ways to meet someone new in Carrboro. Thankfully, places like the Carrboro ArtsCenter and the Parks and Recreation Department host a classes and events that help people with common interests come together. Bike and running clubs, coed sports leagues and hiking groups often provide opportunities for new relationships to blossom. The numerous biking paths in and around Carrboro and the city’s highly walkable historic downtown make it easy to ditch the car and make yourself more available to chance encounters.


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