Nectar Restaurant & Wine Bar in Moscow, Idaho.

#10. Moscow

Singles in Moscow, ID have a relatively easier time meeting potential mates than those in other cities. This comes from the large number of unmarried residents and high percentage of the population who routinely go to art galleries, dance clubs and pool halls. These factors, along with a high quality of life, make Moscow one of the best cities for singles. Compared to the rest of the nation, singles in Moscow use online dating tools to a higher degree, but this city offers many ways for people to find romance.

Ranked as one of 2014’s best college towns, Moscow is surrounded by the forests, rivers and lakes, and scenery so gorgeous it was featured in National Geographic magazine. Amazing natural attractions make great places to meet new people and get to know a person better. The nearby Snake River offers swimming, boating and camping, while Elk Creek Falls and Hells Gate State Park give residents chances to hike in forested areas, fish for trout or go horseback riding. Singles in Moscow often join groups who go hiking, biking and rafting. Nearly 24 parks in Moscow provide plenty of opportunities to play sports, go for walks and possibly run into someone you want to get to know. Coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and theaters line the streets in Moscow, offering great locations for first dates or places to look for personal connections. Music festivals, art walks and concerts occur throughout the year, giving residents chances to come together and enjoy picturesque surroundings.


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