#1. Northbrook IL

The Movie: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

The Setting: The fictitious Shermer, based on John Hughes’ neighborhood of Shermerville in Northbrook, Illinois

Where It Was Actually Filmed: Northbrook and various locations around the Chicagoland area 

Why you should visit: The towns that make up Chicago’s outer suburbs are full of fun, including Northwestern University, the Ravinia festival and concert venue to the Chicago Botanic Garden located not in Chicago, but nearby Glencoe.

Don’t miss this iconic spot: Between Cedar Lane and Meadow Road in Northbrook, you’ll find the famous “Save Ferris” water tower still standing, though repainted (though why on Earth painting over the famous lettering seemed like a good idea, we’ll never understand). Thankfully some smartphone app magic should be able to recreate the effect.

Instagram moment: Stop by Glenbrook North High (outside of school hours, in front of the Center for the Performing Arts, not the main entrance) to recreate Ferris and Sloan’s famous scenes on the concrete steps, which remain largely unchanged. This was the actual alma mater of John Hughes, and the hallways were used during several scenes of “The Breakfast Club,” so sneak a peek if permitted for a fist-pumping two-fer of 80s John Hughes ‘grammable gold. Don’t forget your leopard print vest and fringed leather jacket!

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