#6. Milwaukee, WI

The Movie: “Bridesmaids”

The Setting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Where It Was Actually Filmed: L.A., primarily, with a few outdoor establishing shots in Milwaukee

Why you should visit: Milwaukee is a great city perched on the shore of Lake Michigan, with all the arts, museums and seasonal festivals one expects from the friendly Midwest. A beer-lover’s haven, many of its iconic breweries offer tours. Or, seeing as how you are in the Dairy State, skip right to dessert at Leon’s frozen custard, a walk-up joint that’s been in business since 1942.

Don’t miss this iconic spot: The Milwaukee Art Museum’s soaring white wings are works of art themselves.

Instagram moment: Though Kristen Wiig’s character Annie’s exasperating employer Cholodecki’s Jewelry is fictional (and her Cake Baby storefront was built on a movie lot), the exterior shots feature a real brick-and-mortar storefront located at 1009 Mitchell Street in Milwaukee. Who says you can’t wear a bridesmaid’s dress again — pop one on with your squad for a fun photo op. Just save the Brazilian steakhouse for afterward, OK?

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