#3. Sacramento

The Movie: “Lady Bird”

The Setting: Sacramento, California

Where It Was Actually Filmed: One of the few films to actually be filmed where it’s set, most shots actually take place in Sacramento.

Why you should visit: “Lady Bird” was a love letter to writer-director Greta Gerwig’s own Northern California hometown, often overlooked by its bigger, flashier neighbors. But Sacramento offers slower, simpler sights to savor, like the McKinley Park Rose Garden, and the throwback-tastic Gunther’s Ice Cream, each shown in the film. And the food scene here is one of the best kept secrets in the country right now.

Don’t miss this iconic spot: If there’s a central city focal point, it’s the Capitol, but those more enthralled with celluloid than politics might better enjoy Lady Bird Walking Tours by the Sac Tour Company, which covers all the iconic spots from the film and gives a lovely crash course in the city’s history, charm and personality.

Instagram moment: Stand (at a respectful distance on the sidewalk, as this is a private family residence, though they welcome respectful passersby) in front of the Big Blue House on 44th in “The Fabulous Forties” neighborhood heavily featured in the film. The couple has been known to offer special tour events for charity, though it’s extremely rare. Pink hair optional.

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