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Quiz: Which Hallmark Christmas Movie Town Should You Move To?

Because you should TOTALLY base your next major life decision on a terrible Christmas movie.

By Cara Sanders on December 14, 2018

Portsmouth NH
Portsmouth / iStock/DenisTangneyJr


It’s that time of year again: Christmas lights are twinkling on every corner, cookies are appearing in every office break room, and America is binging on a steady diet of so-bad-they’re-amazing Christmas movies courtesy of Hallmark and Netflix. We thought this holiday season would be the perfect opportunity to put a Livability spin on Hallmark Christmas movies and use them to determine a very important life choice: where should you move?


Answer the following seven questions, based on ridiculous holiday movie themes, and we’ll tell you where you should relocate!

You should move to… a quaint village in New England!


You can come across a little reserved, but below that chilly exterior is a warmth and loyalty that has earned you a wide circle of family and friends. You’re a little old-fashioned in all the best ways: you value tradition, history and keeping your word. Your perfect romantic match? Someone who shows up with a bouquet of roses, a pair of ice skates and hot cocoa in a plaid thermos that matches your cashmere pashmina. Your ideal hometown is somewhere historic, picturesque and snow-covered. New Haven, CT, would be a dream come true for you (and what luck! They’re offering incentives to new residents right now!). Love the outdoors? Consider moving to Vermont, which is full of adorable, snow-covered towns and handsome residents decked out in plaid flannel.


More perfect places for you:

Anywhere in Vermont

Cambridge, MA

Any and all real-life versions of Stars Hollow

You should move to… a tight-knit Midwest college town!


You’re friendly, down to earth and always down to have fun. You shopped local before it was trendy, just because it’s important to you to support your community. Chances are you loved your college town so much you made it your permanent home. Your perfect date? Cheering on the home team at a football game followed by a stop at the local ice cream shop and a stroll around the square. A tight-knit, sports-obsessed community like the one you’ll find in Iowa City (seriously, have you seen what they do at their football games?!) will make you feel right at home.


More perfect places for you:

Bloomington, IN

Champaign, IL

Madison, WI

You should move to… a charming Southern township. Bless your heart!


You’re charming, polite, charismatic and kind. You still use your best manners and make everyone feel right at home, but if someone crosses you … well, bless their heart! You thrive in an environment that has a small-town feel, but is close to big city amenities: think Franklin, a ridiculously charming town outside of Nashville. As someone who takes pride in where they live, you’ll enjoy all the perks and quirks of living in the South, like super specific festivals, thriving arts and entertainment scenes and outdoor adventures.


More perfect places for you:

Oxford, MS

Charleston, SC

Savannah, GA

You should move to… a coastal California beach town!


There are many reasons why you should move to California: you’re a free spirit who craves time in nature, loves a relaxed lifestyle and is always game for a good road trip. Though you sometimes fly under the radar, people appreciate how reliable you are and often compliment you on your happy, laid back disposition. When you’re not catching waves, you use your quick thinking and smarts to solve problems and would thrive in a tech environment. Your perfect match will take you on a a sunset stroll along the beach in a real-life paradise like Catalina Island. The ease of a coastal town will make you feel right at home.


More perfect places for you:

Santa Barbara, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Avalon, CA

You should move… nowhere. Return to New York City: do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Sigh. You have failed to learn the required lessons of a Hallmark holiday fantasy. Instead of saving the town’s beloved bookstore, falling in love with a local entrepreneur or learning the true meaning of Christmas, you were stuck in your ways, valuing your big city lifestyle and hotshot career. While you are destined to stay in the Big Apple, at least you’ll have some killer vegan food options and a cruel sense of humor to sustain you while you’re there.

1. What kind of townsperson are you most likely to fall in love with?

What is your dream job?

What is your relationship with your family?

How would you describe yourself in high school?

Which of these scenarios is most likely to ruin your holiday:

Describe your perfect date:

What’s your favorite holiday-themed song?

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