bullhead city az

#1. Bullhead City

Located along the Colorado River in Mohave County, Bullhead City is about 90 miles south of Las Vegas, giving conservatives enough distance from the sins of Sin City. As the top city on our list of the Best Cities for Conservatives, it’s no surprise Bullhead City leans to the right on most political issues.

Sixty-five percent of Bullhead City voters are registered Republicans, and compared to the national numbers, Bullhead City Republicans are more likely to express a far-right conservative view. In 2012, Mitt Romney won more than 70 percent of the vote in Mohave County. In fact, no Democratic candidate has carried the county in 40 years, save a narrow win by Bill Clinton in 1996. 

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Bullhead City residents adhere to traditional conservative values. In a city of 40,000, more than two dozen churches call the area home. There are also half a dozen gun shops and dealers to help you exercise your Second Amendment rights. Republican state Representative Sonny Borrelli of Bullhead City has long been a champion of gun rights. Borrelli sponsored a bill to allow certified gun owners to carry concealed weapons on college campuses, a move many conservatives have argued will make campuses safer in the event of a mass shooting. One of the nation’s most firearm-friendly states, Arizona also has a Stand Your Ground Law popular with conservatives.

Parents considering moving to Bullhead City will be pleased to learn about the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, a school voucher program that allows K-5 public school students to take 90 percent of their per-student funding and apply it to private school tuition.

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Outdoor adventurers flock to Bullhead City for riverfront beaches, white water rafting and boating, fishing and even scuba diving. Bullhead City residents are more likely to watch Fox News and eat at Cracker Barrel – most likely because the age of residents skews older than the rest of the state. The median age in Bullhead is 50, while the median age in the state is 36.8.


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