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Oracle Looks to Nashville for Major Innovation Hub

Here's what Oracle sees in Nashville — no crystal ball necessary.

By Livability on April 15, 2021

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It doesn’t take a crystal ball to understand what Oracle sees in Nashville.>

The Texas-based company is the latest tech giant to set its sights on the city with plans to expand to Music City for a new innovation center. On Wednesday, the corporation requested a public hearing approval of an Economic Impact Plan that would bring 8,500 jobs to Nashville and a $1.2 billion dollar investment to the city by the end of 2031. >

An agreement negotiation would add Oracle Corporation to Nashville’s East Bank in a development that will transform the area, including a $175 million public infrastructure plan that would include a pedestrian bridge and riverfront park without increasing the metro area’s debt or impacting local taxpayers. >

The company isn’t the first to plant its stake in Music City, which is known for its world-class higher education institutes, talented workforce and unparalleled quality of life, all while maintaining affordability. >

Still not convinced? Read on for why Nashville business is booming:

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