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Huntsville, AL

Population: 205,061
Photo courtesy of Whitney Gallien-Hedges

Huntsville Clubhouse Cedarhurst Mansion

In an unassuming gated neighborhood lies one of Huntsville, AL's greatest haunts. Now disguised as a clubhouse, its most infamous guest remains Ms. Sally Carter. Sally died in 1837, though the cause of death is still disputed. Some say it was an illness, while others insist it was accidental. But most agree that the presence of Sally Carter remained long after the body left.

She first turned up in 1919, when a guest at the house saw her in a dream, asking him to prop up her grave the next day. When he awoke in the morning, the boy discovered that her grave had indeed been knocked down. Freaky occurrences continued throughout the years, and visitors insist that on various occasions footsteps have been heard, rocking chairs have rocked at night of their own accord, covers have been pulled off of sleeping guests, light switches have been flipped, and ghostly laughter has been heard. Some female guests report having jewelry stolen, later turning up in unusual places or broken.

Finally in 1982, after years of kids vandalizing Sally's gravesite, officials decided to move the grave so Sally could finally rest in peace. But it seems as though Sally had other plans because when they opened the casket, Sally's body wasn't there.

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*Photo courtesy of Whitney Gallien-Hedges.