10 Painfully Honest State Slogans Inspired by Nebraska’s ‘It’s Not for Everyone’ Campaign

Nebraska is getting REAL with their new tourism slogan. We couldn't help brainstorming a few other options...

Winona Dimeo-Ediger
On Friday, October 19, 2018 - 13:33
Florida State Slogan

Nebraska made national headlines this week by announcing a new tourism campaign that takes a self-deprecating view of the state’s reputation.

The new slogan?

“Nebraska: Honestly, It’s Not For Everyone.”

Yes, seriously.

State Tourism Director John Ricks told Omaha.com that since Nebraska is often ranked as the “least likely state” that tourists plan to visit, “the marketing campaign needed to be different.”

This news got us thinking … what would other states’ slogans be if they were going to get super real and self-deprecating? Taking a page from Nebraska’s book, we came up with 10 updated, painfully honest slogans for other states.

Tourism directors, feel free to grab these for your next campaign:

California: Wouldn’t It Be Cool If You Could Afford to Live Here?

Iowa: Thanks For Driving Through. Maybe Stop Next Time.

Oregon: Dude, Do You Even Brew Your Own Kombucha?

Vermont: Still Really Into Phish and Not Apologizing For It.

Tennessee: We're More Than Jack Daniel's – We've Got George Dickel, Too.

New York: Only a Very Small Part of Our State Smells Like Garbage All the Time.

Delaware: Even We Couldn't Find Our State on a Map.

Oklahoma: We Gave You Garth Brooks. What More Do You Want From Us?

New Jersey: Our State Flag Is Leopard Print.  

Florida: Please Don’t Judge Us By Your Weird Uncle Who Moved Here in the 70s.


Winona Dimeo-Ediger is the editor in chief of Livability.com. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Country Living, National Geographic and NPR.