#9. Denton

As one of the 10 Best College Towns last year, and a 100 Best Place to Live the past two years, Denton’s uniqueness and popularity have once again made it one of the 10 Best College Towns in America.

Students and other young residents might come to town because of Denton’s authenticity, quality and diverse entertainment, but they stay because of its progressive and innovative business. In fact, if you’ve read much about Denton, you’ll even see a term used to describe the experience of exploring all the amazing food, music, and art that the city has to offer: “Dentoning.” If you start Dentoning for a bit, you’ll find that this place is a hub of creativity, technology, and economic development. Affordable housing is the norm, and excellent public transit creates the perfect foundation for young adults who are just starting out in the real world.

Denton: One of the 50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs in the U.S. 2016

Denton isn’t as large as some cities on our list, but this eclectic town has a music scene for every taste—partly due to the University of North Texas’s renowned College of Music. Venues of all shapes and sizes inhabit are here, giving Denton’s nightlife a distinct tune. The city’s annual Arts and Jazz Festival attracts hundreds of thousands from all over. Whether you’re looking for a low-key study spot or a bouncing rave for a night out, there is a place to go in Denton.

Another staple in a great college town is great food, and Denton has an abundance of it. From traditional Texas southern comfort food, to local diners and live music venues, the city has many options for its young, working minds.

In addition to all this great city entertainment, nature lovers you will bask in the opportunities for fishing, taking a stroll, and horseback riding. Horse farms surround Denton, as well as lakes, parks, and pools for the days when students need to get out and cool off.

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