Longs Peak Lake Reflection

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#65. Longmont, CO

Longs Peak Lake Reflection
Longmont, CO
Quality of Life
Liv Score

How We Calculate Our Data
Civics 47
Demographics 52
Economy 88
Education 36
Health 64
Housing 57
Infrastructure 43
Amenities 58

Why Longmont is one of the best cities to live in

Longmont, CO, offers the best of Colorado. It’s got a scenic Rocky Mountain backdrop with picturesque snow-capped peaks, community-centric breweries and a historic downtown teeming with arts, good eats and an out-of-this-world cheese shop. Plus, chefs in Longmont have been doing the farm-to-table thing since before it was a buzzword. In addition, cutting-edge bioscience and innovative tech give Longmont an economic edge, and remote workers love it here because of the lightning-fast fiber optic internet.

One of the best places to live in the U.S., Longmont, was founded in 1871 by a group of prominent men from Chicago looking for a new start, and that daring and innovative spirit remains here today. There are plenty of parks and open spaces in and around town, so it’s easy to connect with Mother Nature. 

What are Longmonts major industries and employers?

Crocs corporate headquarters is in Longmont, and other major employers include Seagate Technology and the Federal Aviation Administration. Education, tech, health care, aviation and manufacturing are thriving industries.

What are the major colleges and universities in Longmont?

Front Range Community College

What is the weather like in Longmont? 

Longmont gets all four seasons and year-round sunshine that melts snow quickly.

What is there to do outside in Longmont?

Get a taste of Longmont’s bounty at a farm dinner. Agribusiness is booming in Longmont, and several spots like Ollin Farms have a dinner series with fresh food and beautiful views. 

Longmont, CO is Remote-Ready

What makes Longmont a great place for remote workers?

With affordable fiber internet options, plenty of coworking spaces and plenty of outdoor activities to keep your body in motion, Longmont is a great city to consider for a remote work life of leisure and nature. Plus, you’re still close enough to Boulder and Denver if you need a little more nightlife or remote office options.

What Locals Love in Longmont, CO

What is the best local bookstore in Longmont?

Barbed Wire Books is a local independent bookstore in Longmont’s historic downtown. One store review says: “In the event of an apocalypse, I want to be trapped here.” We’re convinced!

How do you spend a weekend in Longmont?

Bop around downtown Longmont, which has community-centric breweries, public art murals, shops and a Taco Trail! Do yourself a favor and stop at Cheese Importers, which has a walk-in refrigerator loaded with cheeses from around the world. 

What can you do for free in Longmont?

Grab an inner tube and enjoy the floating course along St. Vrain Creek at the Dickens Farm Nature Area

Whats the best way to spend happy hour in Longmont?

Colorado may be landlocked, but you can feel like you’re on an island at Swaylo’s Tiki Restaurant and Bar, which slings tropical drinks and a Caribbean-themed menu. You’d never know this tiki spot was once an Outback Steakhouse.

Whats something only locals know about Longmont?

The city is named after Stephen Long, a Western explorer. His namesake, “Long’s Peak,” meshed with “mont” (French for “mountain”), is how the name Longmont came about. 

Thinking of Moving to Longmont, Colorado?

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Quick Facts About Longmont, CO

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