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Nashua, NH is the #51 Best City to Live in the USA

Winter in Nashua New Hampshire
Nashua, NH
Quality of Life
Liv Score

How We Calculate Our Data
Civics 58
Demographics 57
Economy 71
Education 52
Health 53
Housing 62
Infrastructure 43
Amenities 58

Why Nashua is one of the best cities to live in

Located in the southern part of the state, Nashua, NH, is a city bursting with creativity and personality. Its eclectic arts scene encompasses gorgeous public art, an annual International Sculpture Symposium and performance groups, like an amateur community theater organization, Symphony NH and more. 

Thanks to the city’s collection of strong industries – retail, advanced manufacturing, health care, defense, information services and professional services – residents have a pool of great jobs to choose from, making it one of the best places to live in the U.S. Also adding to its appeal? Nashua offers great housing options, from cute apartments and condos to townhouses and multiple bedrooms. Plus, its average home value is $319,319. And as far as outdoor attractions, Nashua boasts some pretty spectacular scenery. It’s home to the approximately 12-mile Nashua River Rail Trail and Mine Falls Park, which allows for walking, biking, boating, fishing, cross-country skiing and much more. And don’t even get us started on the food. Its diverse cuisine is ah-mazing!

What are Nashua’s major industries and employers?

Major industries include retail, advanced manufacturing, health care, defense, information services and professional services. 

What are the major colleges and universities in Nashua?

Rivier University & Nashua Community College

What is the weather like in Nashua? 

November through March bring wintry temperatures, while April through October range from cool to warm. 

What is there to do outside in Nashua?

Explore everything Mine Falls Park has to offer – take a nice bike ride, go for a stroll or cast a line with friends at this 325-acre oasis in the middle of the city.  

Nashua, NH is Remote-Ready

What makes Nashua a great place for remote workers?

Nashua wants to help businesses thrive, so it offers employers incentives and resources to help them grow. This is good news for relocating and remote workers! Along with a high quality of life and lack of income and sales tax, Nashua is ready and eager to welcome a new wave of modern workers.

What Locals Love in Nashua, NH

What is the best local bookstore in Nashua?

At The Toadstool Bookshop, you’re sure to find a book you can’t put down. 

How do you spend a weekend in Nashua?

In the morning, “The Monster” breakfast sandwich and a coffee from Riverwalk Bakery & Café is the perfect way to start your day. Then shop the city’s cute boutiques, like camaraderie. Bonus: There is no sales tax in New Hampshire, so residents can shop til they drop. 

What can you do for free in Nashua?

Walk or run part of the Nashua River Rail Trail, a 12.5-mile paved, multi-use trail that crosses over two states. 

What’s the best way to spend happy hour in Nashua?

After work, pay a visit to Codex, a speakeasy camouflaged as a bookstore that serves up some amazing cocktails. 

What’s something only locals know about Nashua?

Dog-loving Nashua residents decided to form their own all-volunteer nonprofit group to help find a site for an off-leash dog park. As a result, the group opened the members-only, self-funded, 3-acre Nashua Dog Park in 2012 and continues to maintain it today. Talk about canine community involvement!

Is Nashua, NH a good place to live?

A strong economy, excellent housing options and plenty of outdoor attractions to enjoy make Nashua a best place to live in New Hampshire.

Thinking of Moving to Nashua?

What is the Nashua, NH real estate market like?

With the city’s central location in the northeast and bustling historic downtown, it’s easy to see why Nashua real estate makes the ranks for the best places to live in the U.S. For those looking for a quick commute or starter homes usually settle near the commercial corridor (Amherst St.) on the north end of Nashua. Many families are attracted to homes for sale in Nashua in the south central area, or even west of Mine Falls Park for the nearby parks and schools, while young adults enjoy living in Nashua’s downtown area for the ease of walkability to amenities. We’ve only just skimmed the surface of the homes in the city, but there are several Nashua real estate agents available to help you find the perfect place.

Quick Facts About Nashua, NH

Average Commute
Median Home Value
Med. Household Income
Total Population
Walk Score
Median Property Tax

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