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#6. Springfield

Of all the Springfields in the United States – there are more than 30 – the one in Missouri shines in the barbecue scene. This city has 14 authentic barbecue restaurants including chains. Springfield, MO is a melting pot of many barbecue styles, and that’s what makes it a great place to try out different types of ‘cue. It’s located at the beginning or end of Route 66, depending on which way you’re heading. Many cross-country travelers have stumbled upon Springfield’s favorite barbecue joints.

Springfield hosts the Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival each April. More than 60 teams have come to compete in this Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned event, which includes live music, a motorcycle show and children’s area.

BBQ restaurant to resident ratio: 1:11,428

Don’t miss:

Crosstown BBQ: This small restaurant serves up remarkable ‘cue. Three generations of the Williams family have run the place, passing on barbecue secrets that keep locals wanting more. Burnt ends are a popular order here.

Buckinghams Smokehouse BBQ: Best known for its pulled-pork sandwiches, Buckingham’s has three locations in Springfield. They use oak and hickory to smoke large cuts of meat on a 14-foot-long smoker. Some meats stay in the pit for 30 hours. 

Pappy’s Place: A true dive that many customers consider an authentic barbecue joint, Pappy’s offers hickory-smoked pork and occasional live music. Food portions are large, and beer is on tap.

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