Beers being canned at Pipeworks Brewing Co. in Chicago, IL.

Courtesy of Pipeworks Brewing Co.

#66. Chicago

Chicago, Ill., has a diversified economy, world-class skyline, great lakefront paths and a rich sports history. It wound up as the home of brewing giant MillerCoors when the two brands merged, but its history as a craft-brew powerhouse is what puts it on our list. From the early ’90s, when beers from local Golden Prairie could be found on tap at Sheffield’s, to the rise of Goose Island (later acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev) to today’s explosion of breweries, Chicago has long been a big-city beer mecca. The city now has more than 60 establishments that include popular brewpubs like Haymarket Pub & Brewery as well as Pipeworks Brewing Co., which features our Chicago pick: Ninja vs. Unicorn.

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