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Dreaming of Moving Somewhere New? We’ve Got You Covered.

Thinking of making a move? Perfect timing! We put all our best escapist content in one place, just for you.

By Cara Sanders on November 22, 2022

Portland, ME lighthouse
iStock/Sean Pavone

Here at Livability, we’ve noticed something interesting that happens this time of year: in the days following Thanksgiving, we see an influx of visitors coming to our site looking for moving tips, relocation advice, and info about places like FloridaColoradoAlaska and Hawaii

We can’t imagine why. It’s definitely not because people are entering into day three of nonstop family time and are sneaking off to their childhood bedroom to Google, “How do I start a new life in Hawaii?” There’s surely no correlation between the number of times your Aunt Myrna interrogates you about your ticking biological clock and the urge to go completely off the grid and never come back, right? (Psst, here are tips for navigating that!)

Whatever the reason, we want to help. This year, we’re taking a proactive approach and putting together all our handy, useful “GET ME OUT OF HERE” content in one place and telling you the best places to move to. 

Sit back, get zen and enjoy! 

For When You Don’t Know Where to Start:


For the Frequent Flyer:

Stock Coworking Space
Nashville, TN / iStock/FreshSplash

For the Job Seeker:

Twin Falls ID
Twin Falls / Jeff Adkins

For the Outdoor Enthusiast:

Coors Brewery facilities along Clear Creek river in the centre of Golden, Colorado.

For the Foodie:


For the Community-Minded:

iStock/Robert Daly

For When You Need Tips:

Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee and the Tennessee River. Drone photo. ©Journal Communications/Jeff Adkins
Jeff Adkins

For Affordability:

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